Chick Days 2017

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Order by Date Pick-Up Date Day Old Started Ready To Lay 
March 11
April 11Broilers, Layers, Dual-Purpose 

March 25April 25Broilers, Layers, Dual-Purpose, TurkeysDucksHeavy Meat, Heavy Dual-Purpose, Layers
April 9 May 9 Broilers, Layers, Dual-Purpose, Turkeys, Ducks, Pheasants Heavy Meat, Heavy Dual-Purpose, Layers,Turkeys    
April 23May 23Broilers, Layers, Dual-Purpose,  Turkeys, Ducks, PheasantsHeavy Meat, Heavy Dual-Purpose, Turkeys
May 6 June 6 Broilers, Layers, Dual-Purpose,  Turkeys, Ducks, Pheasants Heavy Meat, Heavy Dual-Purpose, Turkeys Red Sex-Link 
May 20  June 20 Broilers, Layers,  Dual-Purpose, Turkeys,  Ducks, Pheasants Heavy Meat, Heavy Dual-Purpose, Turkeys Red Sex-Link &
Layer Variety 
June 4July 4Broilers, Layers,  Dual-Purpose, Turkeys,  DucksHeavy Meat, Heavy Dual-Purpose, TurkeysRed Sex-Link
July 8 August 8 Broilers, Layers, Dual-Purpose, Turkeys Red Sex-Link
August 19September 19Broilers, Layers, Dual-Purpose, TurkeysHeavy Meat, Heavy Dual-Purpose, TurkeysRed Sex-Link &
Layer Variety
 September 3 October 3 Broilers, Layers, Dual-Purpose Red Sex-Link

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